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Jay will be the best teacher you have ever had.  
And that goes both to improv and life. 

If you want to be your best self, than you need a partner like Jay to help get you there. 

He doesn't bullshit and he's very self-aware. 

Definitively a better human being after taking these classes

It was hands down the best improv class experience ever, and I've done UCB and other classes before so I had something to compare it to you.

I would recommend Jay to people who have never taken an improv class, actors looking to play in the moment, or the improv vet looking to stay sharp.


If every person in the world took an improv class from Jay, the world would be a better place. 

His energy and zest for life are contagious and his exercises make you feel like a rock star leaving his classroom

That class changed my life. 

I'm SOOOO much a different person now, in all better ways.  I learned I didn't need to control everything (my husband thanks you).  I learned to have fun again (my children thank you).  I became more confident (my employer thanks you).  I became MUCH happier and fulfilled (I thank you).  I found Me!

He has a way of mixing pure positivity with intelligence and strength. The transformation of the people in class over 6 weeks was amazing.

One of the kindest and most committed instructors you'll ever meet!

He inspires his students to explore and develop their highest selves and I simply cannot say enough about the power of his class.  No matter what level you are, what your end game is, Jay's education will uplift, empower and enlighten you. Get to Jay's class

He taught me the meaning of "Today is the Day"and I will always be grateful to him for that.

In every class, every rehearsal, I left feeling like I had learned not only to be a better improviser, but also a better person in life in general.

It was an experience of truly connecting with others in the workshop and creating 'one mind.' If you ever have a chance to take an improv workshop with Jay Sukow, do it. Don't even hesitate. Just do it. You will be happy and grateful you did.

Jay taught me skills no therapist, professor, or book could teach me.

Jay is an amazing teacher. I was super nervous heading into my improv class with him because the first two classes were "meh". He made me feel so comfortable and confident in class. I had joined a class that had been together for two classes in a row and it could have been so difficult to fit in but he made it organic and easy. If you're considering teachers, he's your guy. Trust me - you will remember this guy and the lessons he teaches you about improv and his approach to life for years to come.

 He also helped me discover where judgement of myself (and others) really is coming from and explore new ways to get rid of it! I would recommend this to any artist who is looking to move forward in their craft. 

He makes you feel great about yourself and your team. Take Jay's class. You won't regret it, and he'll be your teacher for LYFE! 

I had the pleasure of Jay's coaching and direction several times over the course of my improv life (which is going strong after 15 years) and can say he is hands down one of my favorites. My belief is that if improv has any value at all (and I think it does) it lies in teaching us how to live (presently.) My belief is Jay is one of the best at this. 

He proactively embraced each student, built trust, and shared his wealth of knowledge to help us grow. 

Great for actors who have been "burned" by various improv schools 

 Best improv teacher I've ever had guys!

The best "out of my comfort zone" experience of my life. 

Jay Sukow is one of the most incredible teachers. Jay lives what he teaches. You'll quickly see that between the art form and Jay's guidance, the student will become better at improvisation, and their life will just become happier.
(BTW...I was his supervisor when he was teaching at Second City)

This guy will not only make you a better improviser, but will help you in any aspect of your career possible. He is so talented and continues to extend his knowledge to every student he encounters. Whether you are a beginner student, dabbling in improv, advanced student, etc. he is the perfect person to work with.

Jay brought ideas to my attention I hadn't heard before and addressed developing areas of my improv I've never even considered developing further

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have Jay as a mentor. He helped me realize my potential and transformed me into a better person.

A fantastic teacher with the knowledge of a master. You will walk away with a better understanding not only the form but LIFE in general. His advice can be applied to every aspect of your life and it will Improv-e it.

I took Jay's class at Second City in Chicago and it was AH-MAZE-ING!!! I am not a career improvisor however I have taken the tools Jay gave me and applied them in business settings (I work in corporate management) as well as parties, with family, and for fun on stage with friends. Only when you "Follow the Fear!" will you be able to amaze yourself with what you can do. Thanks Jay!

Jay not only teaches invaluable improv lessons but teaches you to be confident, kind, find the value in teamwork, & play and each other.  His love for life and improv is contagious and he will not only improve your improvisational skills but improve you as a person. This sounds fake, but he's actually that awesome.

Jay's approach and energy is inspiring. His guidance makes you feel like that the right things were in you all along and you only need a good gardener to make it grow. He reminded me of why I found improv to be such a beautiful art form.

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