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about me

Height: 6'3"   |  Weight:  210#  |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color:  Brown (starting to gray -- yay!)

Professional EXPERIENCE

Improv & Sketch

Best of the Second City Northwest  |   Ensemble        |  The Second City NW

Wakamalaka                                     |   Ensemble        |  The Second CIty NW 

Various House teams                        |   Ensemble        |   iO Chicago

ComedySportz Chicago                    |   Ensemble        |   ComedySportz Chicago



American Legacy                              |   Dale Harris      |  Group Mind Films

Trubadeaux: A Restaurant Movie      |   Gavin Brandt   |  Group Mind Films


Strangely Optimisitc                         |  Jerry                 | Retina Cam Productions

Share the Drive                                 |  Lead                 |  Partners for Clean Air

Lunch & Learn                                   |  Dad                  |  Supporting Actor

Renter's Nightmate                           |   Doug              |  AmeriFirst Mortgage   

Training & Workshops

The Second City  |   Improv & Sketch  |  Stephen Colbert, Dave Razowsky, Steve Carell, John Holtson, Fran Adams, Tom Gianas, Michael Gellman, Martin De Maat, Matt Hovde

iO Chicago   |   Improv and Sketch   |  Charna Halper, Jon Favreau, Del Close, TJ Jagodowski, Peter Gwinn, Paul Grondy, Bob Dassie, Noah Gregoropolous, Michael McCarthy, Susan Messing

The Annoyance Theatre   |   Improv  |  Mark Sutton, Joe Bill, Mick Napier, Rebecca Sohn

ComedySportz  |   Improv  | Dave Gaudet, Jim McDonnell, Randy Smock, Tim Chidester

Additional Improv  |  Keith Johnstone, Dick Schaal

Additional  Acting |  Sommer Austin, Marlene Zuccaro

Special Skills

Teleprompter, juggling, sports expertise, Club Med Village Entertainer, 2-time winner of the ComedySportz March Madness Improv tournament, sketch writing,  big fan of Beastie Boys (son’s middle name is Yauch), eyes change color depending on what I’m wearing (today they’re probably blue)

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